Want BETTER RESULTS than our Governing System is Giving Us?

Are YOU ready to EMBRACE and SUPPORT the MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION ever to REVERSE the effects of a failing system and ELIMINATE BIG MONEY CORRUPTION from our governing system FOREVER? (**)

(**) There’s a 99.6% chance you will change HOW you think and VOTE after YOU read this site!

This site is produced for the BENEFIT of the PEOPLE of the United States and the world by Will of the People and RIGHTtoCONSENT.com .

The BEST and ONLY REAL CHOICE for We the People and our nation to survive is to EMPOWER OURSELVES by CHANGING HOW we think and vote!!

We have to change HOW we think BEFORE we change HOW we VOTE!!

Here’s “HOW” WE DO IT:

Question #1:

“Which do YOU prefer?”:

a) Voting for Politicians; or b) Voting on the ISSUES?

If your answer is b), that’s the correct one… and over 95% of the People agree with YOU! (Keep reading thru the site to learn how ‘a)’ is the wrong answer!)

Question #2:

Similar to the first question with a twist: “Which do YOU prefer?”:

a) Voting for Politicians; or b) EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO CONSENT to any proposed law? …(& this also includes any laws previously enacted and enforced against us…)

If your answer is b), that’s the correct answer and over 95% of the People agree with YOU on that one too!

Question #3:

“Are you willing to start EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO CONSENT to any proposed law (or any laws enacted and enforced against us) in all FUTURE ELECTIONS and REFERENDUMS?” (instead of voting for politicians who are constantly betraying us?)

If your answer is YES over 95% of the People say “YES” to that one too!!!

Albert Einstein famously expressed his keen observation: “INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”… (like voting for politicians)!  The first step to change our results is to STOP VOTING FOR POLITICIANS and COMPEL our RIGHT to EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT to any and all proposed laws. Voting for politicians is functionally an act of surrendering our power to people who are NOT trustworthy! We must STOP the INSANITY of surrendering our power to politicians forever!! Anyone running for political office without any provision for accountability is a “politician”, including anyone who claims to have never run for political office before (and pretends to NOT be one).

People who CHOOSE EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT KNOW that when we keep voting for politicians, NOTHING ever really changes… that people continue to believe they are powerless to create real change, that they must continue to “tolerate” the rigged systems of governing that oligarchs use to exploit us. People who don’t vote, who refuse to vote for politicians, won’t because they consider voting for them to be a waste of time and do NOT want to enable politicians to betray them. Give those same non-voters their divine RIGHT and POWER to vote on the issues (ie.EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT) and they will vote en masse!

The TRUTH is that WE always get what we TOLERATE. We the People actually have the POWER to fix our governing system ourselves. The TRUTH is that we are 100% RESPONSIBLE for “ENABLING” corrupt PROSTITUTES (aka politicians), conniving PIMPS (aka lobbyists), and crooked JOHNS (aka corporatists) to exploit us and prey on us when we vote for politicians (and/or judges), PROVING EINSTEIN’S definition of INSANITY is ACCURATE!!


The  1st STEP to solving our problems is to STOP enabling corrupt corporatists, lobbyists, politicians, and judges to betray us by NOT voting for them or their stooges ever again!! We can do this beginning NOW and in ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS!

The 2nd STEP (the REMEDY) is to REPLACE all the politicians with people who are contractually bound to be accountable to only vote for legislation that includes a provision for “We the People” to explicitly EXERCISE our RIGHT to CONSENT to any PROPOSED LAW BEFORE any law CAN BE ENACTED and ENFORCED AGAINST US!!!!

The 3rd STEP is for We the People to vote on the ISSUES by EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT to any proposed law (and/or any laws previously enacted and enforced against us) to effectively STRIP away the power of corporations and lobbyists from being able to bribe politicians and judges who monopolize making laws we don’t agree with (limiting politicians and judges to only being allowed to propose laws). Then WE the PEOPLE fulfill our responsibility to govern ourselves byEXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENTto what laws we agree to live by, forever ending the corruption of BIG money in politics. We punctuate this principle by amending the Constitution to makeEXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENTthe law of the land in perpetuity, to fulfill the original promise of the American Revolution and the ORIGINAL AMERICAN DREAM.

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