Does our Russian hacked election of an illegitimate, petulant, lying president and his flock of down ballot sycophants SCARE you? How about his extremely untrustworthy staff and cabinet? Then consider his rubber stamping, republican controlled House and Senate coddling and NOT impeaching him? If you’re not afraid, you’re missing a few bridges between your synapses. If you are worried, and want REAL SOLUTIONS, read on! 

Do you want the MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS in the world to REVERSE the effects of our failing governing system and economy?

Here’s the good news: We have the MOST POWERFUL IDEAS in the world that CORPORATISTS, LOBBYISTS, POLITICIANS and JUDGES do NOT want YOU to know!

Do you want to STOP BIG MONEY CORRUPTION, lying and cheating, stealing our elections and wealth, stupid wars, and clean up our environment & governing systems QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY, PEACEFULLY, POWERFULLY, and PERMANENTLY?  (**)

Would you like to get the CROOKS and LIARS out of office QUICKLY? BEFORE 2018? IF YOU’RE READY for REAL change, our remedies will blow your mind! Corrupt politicians and judges don’t like them at all! When WE the PEOPLE of the United States join together, we can REVERSE THE DAMAGE of the last 35 years THIS YEAR!! BEFORE 2018!

(**) WARNING: There’s a 99.6% chance you’ll change HOW you think when you discover how powerful we can be together! We strongly encourage you to JOIN US.  Our sole Mission and Purpose is to fix our problems QUICKLY before it’s too late!

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The  1st STEP to solving our problems is to think differently, and STOP enabling corrupt corporatists, lobbyists, politicians, and judges to betray us. We will achieve this when we STOP voting for them, starting NOW, and in perpetuity! (We can actually change the results of the most recent election stolen by the lying presidential candidate who collaborated with the Russians to steal the election. The new president and Congress can be replaced if we are willing to make that happen, this year… and we can make it happen very quickly!

The 2nd STEP (the REMEDY) is to REPLACE all politicians with people who are willing to be held TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE and strip the exclusive monopoly on power that politicians, judges, lobbyists and corporatists use to exploit us. This can also be done very quickly, powerfully and effectively. 99.6% of the people we talk to are amazed at how we have PROVEN we can do it!

The 3rd STEP is for We the People to amend our entire system to compel all our leaders to be 100% accountable in REALITY, not just with empty words and lip service, but on a continuum IN REAL TIME and in PERPETUITY. This is absolutely doable, but you won’t hear anyone exploiting the current system ever telling you HOW. They won’t and they will resist, but when large enough numbers of us band TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. THIS YEAR. IN 2017!

We’re in the developing process to start in March of 2017. We are currently publishing all the materials, producing educational documentaries, short videos, and designing incredibly powerful software to make it ALL happen! We are NOT waiting until November 2018! 

Our Founder and trained members will be embarking on a NATIONAL SPEAKING TOUR to change the course of history very soon. We’ll begin visiting colleges, universities and groups in other venues, uploading videos, doing live feeds and whatever necessary to make our mission a SUCCESS.  Our goal is to enroll and train as many people as possible as quickly as possible to guarantee success. If you like what you’re reading or seeing, contact us ASAP. We may be able to get your community on our speaking schedule and itinerary, and by participating, you and people in your community can help us save our country and planet from imminent disaster. We are keenly aware of the URGENCY. If you are too, get in touch with us.

Send us an email ASAP! Support us anyway you can!  We always need additional funds to expedite the process. If you can’t wait, our new book and blueprint is scheduled to be released by February 28, 2017. Our first documentary film will be ready in March. We will have everything We the People NEED to get into a state of HIGH MOMENTUM.

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